Still Another Video Interview

Here's an interview with Steve Myers.  Steve is now working on a Master's degree in Jungian Studies, but he sure didn't start out like that.  He was a crackerjack mathematician and a corporate employee in his previous life, as my memory serves.

I love how different we are in this interview.  He will talk about something, and then it seems like ages later I "get" what he's talking about and eventually raise the topic.  It's almost like I'm on a time delay of some kind, lagging just a little bit behind.  Fascinating.

We are physically different.  I'm "showy" and Steve's just "solid."  Hard to believe he's younger than me.  Also, I'm friendly, and "nice," and supportive -- perhaps too much so, because I fall into "nodding dog syndrome."  Steve is cooperative, but he's not working on our connection per se.  He's simply *present*, and comfortable in his own skin.  Notice the differences.