More examples of Directing and Informing:

Don't put shoes on the bed. Shoes don't belong on the bed.
Please open the door. That door is still closed.
Please complete the job by noon. A way must be found to complete that job on time.
Let's get the team organized to finish by the due date on the twelfth. This project is due by the twelfth.
Kindly serve the lunch at noon. It would be helpful if the lunch were served at noon.
Please check the box and bring the mail in. Is the mail in the box?
Put the black cards on top. It would help me a lot if you put the black cards on top.
Who took the rubber band? I wonder where the rubber band went.
Well, you know, you could mop the floor. The floor needs to be mopped!
Sit on the floor. It's okay to sit on the floor!
Turn left in 1 mile. (Garmin GPS) Left turn in 1 mile. (Magellan GPS)
Get in the right lane. You could be in the right lane.
I'm going to gracefully ask you to cut this out for me. This needs to be cut out.
Move to my chair so you don't block the screen. Maybe if you could sit in my chair it would work for us all better.
Please turn off your cell phones and pagers before we start the program. Please remember to turn your electronic devices back on after the program.

...more to come...