Contrasting Ni and Ne (Perceiving)


     Introverted iNtuition (Ni)

  • Foreseeing
  • Conceptualizing
  • Understanding complex patterns
  • Synthesizing and symbolizing
  • Future

"This is how it will be."
"Aha, that's it!"


     Extraverted iNtuiting (Ne)

  • Inferring
  • Hypothesizing
  • Seeing possibilities
  • Wondering and brainstorming
  • Emergent

"This is what might be."
"It could be this or this or this or . . ."

INFJs prefer Ni.  They use it in the inner world, and it manifests through their dominant process.  They use it in a "heroic" fashion -- It's how they "save the day."  Ni is their "Ego Achiever," and they feel energized when dwelling on an image of future changes or a transformation, and regularly use ideas and tools that transform how they and others understand existence.  

INFPs prefer Ne.  They use it in the outer world, and it manifests through their auxiliary process.  They use it as a "good parent" would -- helping others by exploring a multitude of possible outcomes, options, and potentials for people.  They enjoy looking for patterns and themes associated with how people live life, often using their imaginations to explore fictional worlds.

When Ni is a preferred process...
  • You usually feel a certainty about what is going to happen, often without much detail and without being able to trace the actual data that would support the prediction.
  • You focus on "what will be."
  • You are energized by transformational visions of how someone can grow or of a completely original approach to get there.
  • You are drawn to make those visions manifest.
  • Frequently you experience flashes of insight that present themselves as very broad themes and complex whole patterns or systems of thought without being triggered by external events.
  • Inner images come as a knowing that taps into universal symbols and with a certainty that they are true.
When Ne is a preferred process...
  • Much reading "between the lines" occurs.
  • Potential possibilities and meanings are "revealed" and must be explored.
  • You feel fully engaged in emerging new approaches to doing things and are energized by discovering other perspectives in an ever-shifting succession of ideas or insights triggered by the particular situation, much like brainstorming.
  • You frequently experience a flight of ideas that brings relevant pieces of information from one context into another.
  • "What is" is not seen for what it is but for its relationship to other things.
  • Everything is perceived in a context of a web of relationships.  Nothing stands alone or is disconnected.

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