Contrasting Fi and Fe (Judging)

(The experts are still struggling to define Fi -- it's a difficult process to describe universally.  Jung himself said this was the most difficult function to understand, and he gave up describing it.)


     Introverted Feeling (Fi)

  • Weighing beliefs
  • Harmonizing and clarifying
  • Valuing
  • Checking congruency
  • Universal

"This is important."
"I (or you) do . . ."


     Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

  • Considering others
  • Affirming and accommodating
  • Connecting
  • Checking appropriateness
  • Evoked by what is here and now

"This is what we need."
"We do . . ."

INFPs prefer Fi.  They use it in the inner world, and it manifests through their dominant process.  They use it in a "heroic" fashion -- It's how they "save the day."  Fi is their "Ego Achiever," and they can patiently abide every individual for his or her unique path to happiness.  They are often gifted at taking people to the center of themselves, and frequently empathize with the underdog.

INFJs prefer Fe.  They use it in the outer world, and it manifests through their auxiliary process.  They use it as a "good parent" would -- helping others, possibly coaching people about how to behave in sticky situations or how to best treat others. They often feel a sense of "oneness with others," and find it easy to give -- or withhold -- praise, warmth, and respect to people's feelings and opinions.

When Fi is a preferred process...
  • Often you have a gut feeling about whether personal, group, or organizational behavior is congruent with values.
  • You often check behavior for authenticity and against beliefs to maintain inner harmony.  When that harmony exists, there is a sense of peace.
  • When you feel strongly, you point out contradictions and incongruities.
  • Fundamental truths are often the basis for your actions, and standing up for these truths is energizing and compelling.
  • Often, you do not put your values and beliefs upon others or share them publicly until they are violated.  These values can be highly specific to the individual or universals such as freedom, loyalty, and goodness.
  • You tend to see everything as having a value (or worth), and view things in constant relation to one another.
When Fe is a preferred process...
  • You give attention to creating and maintaining harmonious relationships, often using social convention to keep harmony, to make people feel comfortable and included, and to keep the group intact.
  • Often you are at ease with social conversations and knowing just the right words to say to someone.
  • You easily disclose personal details to encourage others to express themselves.
  • You place importance on making space for the expression of feelings -- positive and negative.
  • You organize time, space, and thing in relation to the effects on people.
  • You often feel pulled to take care of everyone or even whole groups, either physically or emotionally.  Meeting the needs of others is energizing until your own needs are ignored for too long.

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